Welcome to GameConfig

Why GameConfig, well it seemed to be that me and my friends were always hunting for TCP/UDP game port numbers before we could start a game (We had reset a router, reinstalled a game, was at a LAN party, etc, etc). There didnt seem to be one place to go for this game configuration info, that was:- up to date and indepth, hence this site. Currently the TCP/UDP ports given within each game details are the max needed, you may get your game running with less open (eg you're not running a server).

To find the ports for your game, use the main game search at the top of the page, or see the full list of games we have port info on (by platform) by clicking the following.

PC games, PS2 games, XBox games.

We hope these port numbers, game specs, details are all correct, but errors do creep in. If you spot any then please drop a line at admin@gameconfig.co.uk. Likewise if there's a game thats missing (no doubt), let us know. If you cant find what you're looking for can always try a google!

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